Multiplex Engineering, Inc.



OBDII Communications

We specialize in the newest serial databus standards being used in the automotive industry. We design and manufacture diagnostic interface hardware needed to build OBDII scan tools.

The Hardware You Need

Our OBDII interfaces work with all standard automotive protocols. Whether you are developing a scantool for consumers or one for state wide smog test stations, we have what you need.

Doing More for Less

Through professional engineering and a dedication to our customers we are able to bring our customers the highest quality hardware for a fraction of the cost.

Our Chief Engineer

Paul Bowen is a seasoned electrical design engineer with 30 years of design experience. His emphasis is on microprocessors, programmable logic, digital communications, and ASIC design. He was formerly one of the Senior Design Engineers at Delco Systems Operations, June 1983 to September 1996. Among his several degrees is a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara.


We do not sell any software to go with the interfaces. It is necessary that you have, or write, your own.

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